Thursday, June 18, 2015

plenty of sunshine heading my way...

Disney World was a very big part of my childhood and I clearly remember the sheer excitement that rushed over me the night before we left Massachusetts to travel south to Florida. There used to be a commercial on television that captured parents breaking the news to their children that they were in fact "going to Disney World", and the kid's reactions were spot on with what I felt. (A lot of shrieking and yelling and smiling and laughing and happy tears.) I would actually sleep better the night before Christmas vs. the night before leaving for Disney - that's how excited I got. Those were the good old days - when I would lose sleep over happiness and cheer, instead of stress and anxiety. Maybe I should plan a trip to Disney World...

I mention this, because I have something similar happen to me before a trip/vacation in my adult years, though it normally comes with a few moans and groans as a result of needing to research, figure out a schedule, make plans, and pack - I HATE packing. Although not quite as innocent, I am still thrilled it happens at all and continue to be grateful to get the opportunity to visit beautiful places in this country and beyond. Well it happened last night, because I am lucky enough to be going to Maine this weekend (as I mentioned yesterday). Gone are the days when Mickey and Minnie Mouse got me all riled up and instead, enter the time when eating a Maine lobster roll and visiting the official L.L. Bean store keeps me up at night. People say some things never change and while I agree, I think it is okay if sometimes they bend and flex. Here's to taking a photo (or two) with the gigantic L.L. Bean boot! 

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