Friday, May 15, 2015

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We received an email at 11:10 a.m. this morning from our Director of Human Resources that read "Pizza is coming in for lunch as close to 12:30 as they can get it here. Please come on up to the kitchen and grab a slice" with a subject line of "National Pizza Day". Apparently National Pizza Day is in November, or at least that's what it said when I Googled it. However, today is National Pizza Party Day. I feel a little bad about not joining in the party fun and taking my slice back to my desk, but oh well. I also don't feel great about finishing off a week of pretty healthy eating with pizza, but oh well again. It is not like I had a ton and it was a nice treat. Let's hope the rest of my day continues to be as joyous and delicious. *The photo is from our pizza experience in Naples. I want to go back. It was a remarkable place when we were there in winter, I can only imagine how nice it is in summer.

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