Monday, May 18, 2015

it's not too late to whip it, whip it good

His waistband says
Mr. Whippy.
We are having an array of guests over for Memorial Day Weekend and I am SO excited - I just can't hide it. Our little beach party was planned far enough in advance that I was able to (finally) use my Mr. Whippy cards. I bought eight of these things years ago - like I am talking at least five, probably more - and have been waiting for the perfect time to use them. I sent three off to our friends, which means we still have five more to use at a later date. Score - more beach parties!

I wish my weekday evenings were not as jam-packed with things to do, but we are just going to have to make it work. Thankfully, the weather looks good for Saturday and Sunday and I typed up a draft menu earlier today. I went with our tried and true dishes, but it is only a draft and we could update it with different options, if we choose. Now I just need to figure out which days are for baking and which days are for cleaning. In addition to great food, fine wine, and friends, we also get to see a concert and dance our tushes off. This is going to be a hectic week, but the prize at the end of it is a three-day weekend and the start to summer. Bring it on. 

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