Tuesday, September 29, 2015

on a star stream, headed for a snow dream

In addition to my hike, I've also been feeling recharged as a result of discovering music...some old, some new. My present most favorite song on earth is Sorcerer by Stevie Nicks. It is so GOOD. The song was released on an album of hers that came out in 2001 called Trouble in Shangri-La. I discovered it after hearing it on a Stevie compilation I received for Christmas last year (from my husband - nailed it) called Crystal Visions. Aside from one or two songs, this collection of Stevie Nicks' songs is top notch. And although I received it for Christmas, it was somewhat lost until recently, but now it is found and I listen to it every day. The particular song "Sorcerer" dates back to her Buckingham-Nicks era (yes please) and was recorded as a demo. It was considered for some Fleetwood Mac projects, 1979 Tusk in particular, but never made it onto anything official until twenty-two years later, which also happens to be my favorite number. This song went particularly well with our voyage to Vermont, as one of my favorite lines is "who found lady from the mountain". Click here to watch the official video.

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