Monday, May 4, 2015

bagels, churros, pizza, spaghetti, and garlic knots

So much to write about - what a weekend! I first want to talk about the book I started reading - Wheat Belly. Someone recommended it months ago and although I ordered it right away, I didn't get around to seriously reading it until this past weekend. The information in it is MIND BLOWING. Wheat is not bad for you per say, but the strains we are eating today are very different from ancient wheat strains (aka "real" wheat) and the things it is doing to our bodies are crazy. I'm only halfway finished and I can't wait to read more. Certain parts are pretty dry, as it gets pretty scientific and is full of medical jargon, but the overall message is clear - wheat is not okay. The three facts I can't stop thinking about are:

1. How much wheat is in a grocery store - there is an entire row that is bread and bread products (literally on shelves from top to bottom) and we don't even realize how much wheat is in the rest of a store - cookies, crackers, the entire baking aisle, pasta, frozen foods, and the in-house bakery. It is literally everywhere. 
2. Eating two slices of whole wheat bread raises your insulin levels higher than a Snickers candy bar.
3. When you eat wheat for breakfast you are starving again by eleven o'clock and need a snack before lunch. (Literally just experienced this today, and granted it was only one day, but I switched up my raisin bread with a yogurt and oat parfait and could have lasted a lot longer before eating lunch.)

Does this mean I am never going to eat pizza, or drink beer again? Hell to the no. However, it means I am going to truly think more about what I eat and put in my body and try as much as possible to give wheat the evil eye.

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