Thursday, June 11, 2015

never lose sight of what you cannot see

So, my husband recently got glasses and even though I have vision insurance through my job, glasses are damn expensive. He was lucky enough to find some very fashionable rims that were on the affordable rack, but quickly realized after he went outside on a bright sunny day he needed prescription sunglasses, in addition to his regular glasses. Luckily I work directly across the street from one of the many Warby Parker stores in the world. Although this particular one is located in a fancy-ish neighborhood of Manhattan, their glasses - both reading and sun - are really affordable. That combined with the discount I get from work made them his best option for protecting his eyes against those solar rays. It is a great company, doing great things, who provide an alternative to those expensive designer glasses. He stopped by two weeks ago and they are ready to be picked up tomorrow. Click here to learn more about the company and see how cool their shades are. Shop away!

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